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Acetylene Dendrons


Acetylene dendrons are avaialble with inactive acetonide end-groups or reactive hydroxyls.

Acetylene dendrons can with high efficacy be coupled to an array of azides and thiols via copper catalyzed Click Chemistry (CuAAC) or UV initiated Thiol-Yne reactions.

Product Product No. Generation Focal Point
No. End-Groups
f End-Groups
PFd-G1-Acetylene-Acetonide PFDO-010403 1 Acetylene 1 Acetonide 212.2
PFd-G2-Acetylene-Acetonide PFDO-020403 2 Acetylene 2 Acetonide 484.5
PFd-G3-Acetylene-Acetonide PFDO-030403 3 Acetylene 4 Acetonide 1,029.1
PFd-G4-Acetylene-Acetonide PFDO-040403 4 Acetylene 8 Acetonide 2,118.3
PFd-G5-Acetylene-Acetonide PFDO-050403 5 Acetylene 16 Acetonide 4,296.7
PFd-G1-Acetylene-OH PFDO-010401 1 Acetylene 2 OH 172.2
PFd-G2-Acetylene-OH PFDO-020401 2 Acetylene 4 OH 404.4
PFd-G3-Acetylene-OH PFDO-030401 3 Acetylene 8 OH 868.9
PFd-G4-Acetylene-OH PFDO-040401 4 Acetylene 16 OH 1,797.8
PFd-G5-Acetylene-OH PFDO-050401 5 Acetylene 32 OH 3,655.6


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