Publication of the Month: March 2017

The Publication of the Month for March 2017 is out!

For this month, we have a publication from the field of neuroscience, using functional bis-MPA dendrons as photochemical probes.

“Cloaked Caged Compounds: Chemical Probes for Two-Photon Optoneurobiology”. Matthew T. Richers, Joseph M. Amatrudo, Jeremy P. Olson and Graham C. R. Ellis-Davies. Angew. Chem. Int. Ed. 2017, 56, 193-197.

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Dr. Janne Surinthra, Polymer Factory’s Product Manager for dendrimers and dendrons says “We are very excited to see excellent researchers exploiting the structural perfection and customizability of bis-MPA dendrons. The authors utilized high generation biocompatible dendrons to render a two photon optical probe biologically inert, prior to releasing the probe from the dendron scaffold for cell imaging.

To find out more about Polymer Factory’s products, visit our products page. Besides dendrons, we also provide dendrimers, hyperbranched materials, linear-dendritic hybrids and Spherical®, calibrants for mass spectroscopy.


What are Dendrons?


Dendrons are dendritic wedges that comprise one type of functionality at the core (f=1) and another at the periphery (f=8, 16, 32, etc…)

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  • On March 1, 2017