SpheriCal® goes online on Merck!

Our mass spectrometry calibrants, SpheriCal®, are now available on Sigma Aldrich!

We are proud to have Sigma Aldrich, one of the largest global distributors of chemicals, onboard in distributing our niche line of products, SpheriCal®, a series of monodisperse calibration standards that offer mass spectroscopy users time-saving sample preparation plus highly-accurate calibration.

Our highly precise MALDI-TOF calibrant combines the main advantages of the traditional calibrants on
the market, which can be summarized as follows:

  • Monodisperse and defect-free nature (single peaks per calibration point)
  • Stability resulting in long shelf-life
  • Versatility – usable in a wide range of solvents/sample preparation techniques
  • Cost effective
  • One step sample preparation affords all points necessary for calibration

Find SpheriCal® on Sigma Aldrich’s product page »

  • Posted by polymerfactory
  • On March 21, 2017