Big Pharma Attention Turns to Dendrons

August 14, 2017

Polymer Factory is pleased to announce the sale of its carboxylate dendrons to a major player in the pharmaceutical industry. Dendrons—with their branched structure and perfectly controlled polydispersity—have attracted intense attention from researchers in biotech and pharma. Bis-MPA dendrons in particular, are biodegradable and have lower cytoxicity then their PAMAM counterparts making them strong candidates for biological applications. Potential uses range from signal amplification in bioassays to drug delivery vehicles.

Dr. Malkoch, CEO of Polymer Factory says, “Our customers’ interest in our materials is proof of the potential of dendritic molecules. We aim to grow by developing a wide range of relevant products that serve our customers’ needs and address tough problems in science, engineering and healthcare.

Dendrons have also seen their use in other fields such as additives in lubricants. After all, the large number of possible functionalizations offer countless possibilities that ensure a potential product for every market and field.

Learn more about Polymer Factory’s dendrons here.

  • Posted by polymerfactory
  • On August 14, 2017