New Amine Functional Products

October 5, 2017

Polymer Factory is pleased to announce the addition of two new product families to our amine functional product lines: Amine Functional BoltornTM and Amine Functional Hyperbranched PEGs. 

These new materials expand our range of hyperbranched polyesters to include reactive primary amine end-groups, and were produced in response to a surge in interest for amine-functional materials following the launch of our amine functional dendrons late last year. 

CEO Michael Malkoch says “Polymer Factory is committed to serving its customers by providing products that are relevant to their needs. These new materials do just that by satisfying the demand for amine functional materials at affordable price points giving customers more options with which to conduct research.”

Product Manager Jamie Godfrey says “Our amine functional materials have been popular in the field of biomedical research due to their ability to react with proteins and their water solubility. These new products give customers more reactive scaffolds to work with, expanding the applications of HBPs across multiple areas.”

Click here to learn more about Amine Functional BoltornTM and here for Amine Functional Hyperbranched PEGs.

  • Posted by polymerfactory
  • On October 5, 2017