Publication of the Month: August 2017

August 4, 2017

This month we are pleased to highlight a publication from the field of biomedical science.

“Therapeutic Nanocarriers via Cholesterol Directed Self-Assembly of Well-Defined Linear-Dendritic Polymeric Amphiphiles Andrén, O. C., Zhang, Y., Lundberg, P., Hawker, C. J., Nyström, A. M., & Malkoch, M. (2017). Chemistry of Materials, 29(9), 3891-3898.”

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This exciting work has showcased the development of novel Nano-carrier based on bi-functional linear dendritic hybrid between polyethylene glycol and bis-MPA dendritic wedge. The authors have successfully established the dual drug delivery system of both doxorubicin and triptolide towards the therapeutic use against breast cancer.

More information about multifunctional PEGs can be found here.