Publication of the Month: June 2017

June 12, 2017

The Publication of the Month for June 2017 is out!

This month we are pleased to highlight a publication from the field of polymer processing.

“Film blowing of linear low-density polyethylene blended with a novel hyperbranched polymer processing aid” Y Honga, S.J Coombsa, J.J Cooper-Whitea, M.E Mackay, C.J Hawkerc, E Malmströmd, N Rehnberge. Polymer 2000, 41(21), 7705–7713.

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Jamie Godfrey, Polymer Factory’s Product Manager for hyperbranched polymers says “This publication really highlights the advantages of using hyperbranched polymers as additives for thermal processing, including reduced viscosity and enhancement of processing rate with only 0.5 wt % HBP. The authors modified a Boltorn hyperbranched polyester scaffold with a portion of long chain alkyl groups, in order to tailor the compatibility of the additive with the bulk LLDPE material and achieve migration of the additive to the surface, providing a lubricous layer to aid processing and eliminate surface defects.”

Find out more about BoltornTM here. Polymer Factory also provides dendrimers, dendrons, Spherical® mass calibrants and other hyperbranched polymers.

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  • On June 12, 2017