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Product Description:

Polymer Factory's bis-MPA PEG-NHBOC dendrimers are multifunctional polyethylene glycol scaffolds with an exact number of protected amine end groups. These materials feature a PEG core to aid water solubility and a high degree of functionality for each PEG chain.  After deprotection, the amine end groups can be used for EDC/DCC coupling or coupling to NHS esters, generating highly functional materials.  Our bis-MPA polyester scaffolds are biodegrable and have low cytotoxicity, making them ideal candidates for use in biological research applications.


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bis-MPA Dendronised PEG 6k, NHBOC Functional, Generation 1

SKU: PFLDH-030113
PriceFrom €150.00
    • Type: PEG Linear Dendritic 
    • Core: PEG 6K
    • Product Code : PFD-G1-PEG6k-NHBOC
    • End Group Functionality: NHBOC
    • Generation: 1
    • Number of Surface Groups: 4
    • Theoretical MW: 6926 g/mol
    • Form:  White Powder
    • Purity: >96%
    • Delivery Time: 5 - 8 Working Days
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