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Product Description:

SpheriCal® is a dendrimer-based MALDI-TOF MS calibration standard providing 6 monodisperse mass signals per kit for efficient, highly accurate calibration. By combining excellent long-term stability with evenly-spaced calibration points, SpheriCal® helps users increase the frequency and quality of their calibrations.  With a shelf life of years and each kit offering at least 100 calibrations, SpheriCal® offers a reliable and accurate calibration across a large mass range, without the shelf-life and storage issues associated with protein or peptide-based systems.


SpheriCal® Peptide Low covers a calibration range of 250 - 1,600 m/z, and is available as SpheriCal® Neat or SpheriCal® Mix.



SpheriCal® Mix is formulated with calibration standards, matrix and counter ion source pre-mixed in optimized ratios, so you just need to add solvent, dramatically accelerating sample preparation for calibration in minutes. SpheriCal® Mix is pre-formulated with selected matrices for robust calibration solutions.


The DCTB Mix is not in stock but can quickly be re-stocked upon request. The shown spectra were collected with DHB as matrix. Upon order, the formulation will be adapted.


Related Publications


  1. Advantages of Monodisperse and Chemically Robust “SpheriCal” Polyester Dendrimers as a “Universal” MS CalibrantJ. Am. Soc. Mass Spectrom., 2014, 25, 303-309

SpheriCal® Mix DCTB Peptide Low (250-1,600 Da)

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