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Legends of skateboarding

The legends are who play a significant role in their field. They become well-known as they have overwhelmingly contributed to the things they do. In skateboarding, we also have legends. They have been with the sport since they were just a way of entertainment to the Olympics sport.

The following part is a short list of some skateboarding legends who are renowned worldwide. To know more well-known skaters, let’s visit SkateAdvisors.

Tony Hawk

I totally believe that even if you have just played skateboard, you already heard about this name. Tony Hawk is a marvelous skater, a successful businessman and a great athlete. He became popular after when he performed his rotation trick perfectly. Tony Hawk is loved because of his talent and his skilful performances. His name is not only on products related to skateboarding but also on skateboarding video games.

Robert “Bob” Burnquist

The legends come from Brazil. His road to skateboarding started when he was an eleven-year-old boy. After 4 years of practising hard, he became an excellent skater. The most remarkable achievement of him is winning the championship in the X-Games in 2001. His performance of this competition has been respected due to his tricks which were so extraordinary that the audience and the skilful skaters cannot call his tricks by any names.

Rodney Mullen

It doesn’t overstate to say Rodney Mullen, or “the Mutt’’ is the embodiment of street skateboarding. He is a person who created Ollie, one of the most common tricks in skateboarding. Besides, he also invented over 20 tricks, but sadly he confessed that he had forgotten almost all of them. Until now, he has still gone skating, performed tricks and made equipment for skateboarding.

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