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Who are we?

Our Mission

Founded in 2006 at Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm, Sweden, Polymer Factory is today a leading provider of advanced dendritic and polymeric materials, plus a contract research company. Our product portfolio include monodisperse dendritic polymers built from 2,2-bis(methylol)propionic acid, such as biocompatible bis-MPA dendrimers and dendrons. We specialise in the synthesis of flawless macromolecules, tailor made materials and calibrants for MALDI-ToF. Polymer Factory holds the exclusive production, marketing and sales rights of several advanced materials. We are also a global provider of both polyester (Boltorn™) and polyester amide (Hybrane®) hyperbranched polymers for research purposes.


Our Business Strategy includes developing future ground-breaking dendritic and polymeric materials in close collaboration with clients in the pharmaceuticals and semiconductors sector. Our know-how is founded on more than 30 years of research experience from KTH, partly in cooperation with Perstorp AB (Sweden) and DSM (Netherlands).


Polymer Factory is committed to deliver cutting edge know-how and groundbreaking materials to accelerate our customer’s success through leadership in material and life science. We deliver values to our customers’ research, development and success in projects. The value we deliver to our customers help us in turn to deliver returns to our shareholders.

Our Customers

Powering Dendritic Polymer Research for Over 14 Years.

A Global Provider of a Wide Range of Dendritic Materials to Customers Ranging from Medtech, Biotech to Research Intense Scientific Groups.


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Elin Mignérus


Before becoming CEO of Polymer Factory in April 2021, Elin Mignérus was most recently the CEO of CathPrint AB, a company that designs and manufactures technology for use in advanced catheters.


In 2020, she was named one of Sweden’s most inspiring entrepreneurs by Företagarna and ALMI. Mignérus has an M.Sc. in Biomedical Engineering and Technopreneurship from KTH Royal Institute of Technology and the National University of Singapore.

Board of Directors

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Dr Michael Malkoch

Board Member and CTO


Dr Eva Malmström

Chairperson of the Board

Michael Malkoch is a Professor in Functional Organic Nanomaterials at KTH Royal Institute of Technology and a self-made entrepreneur with focus on advanced nanomaterials suited for medical and biomedical applications.


As a leading expert in the field with a vast “know how” experience in the scalable synthesis of well-defined polymers and their final tuning to fit the choice of application. 

He holds several prestigious awards that focus of dendritic materials and their exploitation as precision polymers in currently recognized bottlenecks of the healthcare sector including polymer therapeutics, diagnostic tools, tissue adhesives and regenerative scaffolds.

Eva Malmström is a Professor of Coating Technology at KTH Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm, Sweden with a long experience in polymer synthesis and a co-founder of Polymer Factory Sweden AB.

She was appointed deputy president of KTH between 2009-2016. Currently, she is the head of Division of Coating technology and a board member of several company and associations.

She is also an elected member of the Royal Swedish Academy of Engineering Sciences (IVA).

Mats Wallnér

Mats Wallnér has a M.Sc. in chemical engineering and MBA and a co-founder of Polymer Factory. 

In his early years, Mats worked in the Alfa-Laval group as a sales engineer for fermentation facilities with responsibility for several international markets, primarily the United States. Mats had also taken on the reliability as a business area manager for food, chemicals and cellulose industries in North and South America for the AGA group.

He was the managing director for a leading incubator based in Stockholm with a business strategy to support and develop newly started companies coming from Universities.

Today, He is a business coach, board professional and hands-on investor in more than fifteen companies.

Board Member

Dr Anders Hult received his PhD in Polymer Technology in 1982 from the KTH Royal Institute of Technology. He joined the Department of Polymer Technology at KTH as research associate (1984-1986) and associate professor (1986).

Shortly after in 1988, he attained full professor status. Between 1999 and 2004, Dr Hult served as Dean of the School of Chemistry, Chemical Engineering and Biotechnology at KTH. He was also a visiting professor at Ecole Polytechnique Federale de Lausanne (EPFL) in Lausanne, Switzerland in 1993 and University of Texas, Austin, USA in 2004. He has published over 200 papers and has successfully filed 9 patents. 


Dr Anders Hult

Board Member

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Leif Gustafsson

Leif Gustafsson has been a practicing lawyer since the 1970s mainly in the area of business law. He graduated from University of Stockholm, law faculty, and University of Amsterdam in European integration. He has worked at the ministry of justice as assistant, and at various municipal courts and the legal service of the EU Commission. From 1977 he has worked in law firms in Sweden and Belgium, the latest Baker & McKenzie, a global law firm (as partner and senior counsel).


He has written several publications on International Business Law and been a frequent lecturer on topics of law and finance. He has led transactions in a number of business sectors and has served on board of directors, engaged in e.g. aviation, finance, transport, logistics, finance and other areas.

Board Member