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About Us

Get to know Polymer Factory - learn about our history, mission and vision for the future.


Founded in 2006 at Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm, Sweden, Polymer Factory is today a leading provider of advanced dendritic and polymeric materials, plus a contract research company. Our product portfolio include monodisperse dendritic polymers built from 2,2-bis(methylol)propionic acid, such as biocompatible bis-MPA dendrimers and dendrons. We specialise in the synthesis of flawless macromolecules, tailor made materials and calibrants for MALDI-ToF.


Polymer Factory holds the exclusive production, marketing and sales rights of several advanced materials. We are also a global provider of both polyester (Boltorn™) and polyester amide (Hybrane®) hyperbranched polymers for research purposes.  Our Business Strategy includes developing future ground-breaking dendritic and polymeric materials in close collaboration with clients in the pharmaceuticals and semiconductors sector. Our know-how is founded on more than 30 years of research experience from KTH, partly in cooperation with Perstorp AB (Sweden) and Covestro (formerly DSM, Netherlands). 


Polymer Factory is committed to deliver cutting edge know-how and groundbreaking materials to accelerate our customer’s success through leadership in material and life science. We deliver values to our customers’ research, development and success in projects. The value we deliver to our customers help us in turn to deliver returns to our shareholders.


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Powering Dendritic Polymer Research for Over 17 Years.

A Global Provider of a Wide Range of Dendritic Materials to Customers Ranging from Medtech, Biotech to Research Intense Scientific Groups.

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