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Hyperbranched Polymers

Hyperbranched Polymers are less perfect molecules but still possess the highly branched architecture with a multitude of end-groups. Nevertheless, the functional group numbers coupled with lower purchasing costs make these materials extremely promising in future applications.

Polymer Factory offers Hyperbranched Polymers in three product lines.
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Boltorn™ products are hyperbranched polyesters, available with hydroxyl, amino, fatty acid and non-ionic peripheral functionality.

Screen Shot 2018-11-13 at 12.28.25 PM.png


Hybrane® is a hyperbranched polyesteramide developed by DSM. Hybrane® is a versatile polymeric scaffold with a range of properties to suit your application. 



Helux is a hyperbranched polyamido-amine. Viewed as a hyperbranched analogue of PAMAM dendrimers, it has primary amine end-groups that can participate in a variety of reactions in an aqueous solution.

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