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Product Leaflets

Polymer Factory continuously innovates to produce the best dendritic materials (dendrimers, dendrons, hyperbranched polymer, multi-functional PEGs, mass spectrometry calibrants) to aid the research of many institutions and academic groups.

*Click on image to download leaflet

Note: Promotional prices stated on the leaflets are only applicable during the year of released. 

SpheriCal Poster ASMS 2022

SpheriCal MS Calibrants ASMS Poster (2022)

Dendrons & Dendrimers Poster (2022)

DNGS poster 2022

Dendritic Nanogels Poster (2022)

SpheriCal Leaflet 2022

SpheriCal® Calibration Standards (2022)

BowtieD Bifunctional Dendrimers

BowtieD® Bifunctional Dendrimers (2022)

Clickable Acetylene & Azide 2016_Page_1.

"Clickable" Acetylene & Azide Dendrimer (2016)

Amine Functional Dendron Leaflet_2017

Amine Functional Dendrons (2017)

Multifunctional group dendrimer

Multi-Functional Polyester Dendrimers (2018)

Biotin & NHS Dendron

Biotin & NHS-Activated Bifunctional Linkers (2019)

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