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Multifunctional PEGs

Our hybrid materials consist of linear PEG cores with dendritic wedges attached to the end-groups. These materials present excellent solubility in water and a high number of functionality, making them strong candidates for advanced drug delivery systems or as targeting vessels.

Polymer Factory's PEG materials are differentiated into two main product lines - Dendronised PEGs and Hyperbranched PEG Dendrimers.

Dendronised PEGs / mPEGS

These multifunctional polyethylene glycols are PEG-based chains that are decorated with dendron wedges of different generations and with exact number of hydroxyl, acetylene, carboxylic, boc-amine and azide groups. Great for biomedical applications as well as scaffolds for hydrogels. Includes mPEGs which is built from a monofunctional PEG core yielding a linear polymer with a dendritic wedge in the end. Perfect for self assembly and micelle formation.

Hyperbranched PEGs

The cost-efficient alternative to dendronised PEGs. Same general structure as the dendritic PEGs, yet the dendritic wedges are assembled randomly yielding the same amount of functional groups but not the same level of structural control. Suitable for more industrial applications.

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