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Boltorn™ is a hyperbranched polyester offered by Polymer Factory in three classes: Amine Functional, Hydroxyl Functional, and Specialty. Where possible, we have provided publications associated with the material for your reference. For more detailed information regarding the Boltorn™ products or for larger amounts, please do not hesitate to contact us at

Amine Functional Boltorn™
Relevance: Bioconjugation/cross-linking, bio-interaction, ophthalmology, adhesives, end-group modification.
For more information regarding Amine Functional 
Boltorn™ and its uses, download our leaflet here

Hydroxyl Functional Boltorn™
Relevance: Suitable for projects involving Adhesives, paint/pigments, opthalmology, lubrication, end-group modifcation.
What is the difference between Premium Boltorn™ and Regular Boltorn? - The premium grade is subjected to purification to reduce lower molecular weight material and moisture, and also increase ease of handling.  The Premium grade of Boltorn™ is mainly intended for research/pilot scale use, and are available in smaller quantities than the regular grades of Boltorn™. You can compare the pricing below.

Specialty Boltorn™
Lipophilic (U3000), Amphiphilic (W3000), or Reactive (H2004) in nature. 
Click purchase to select by Matrix Formulation (more info is listed in the product pages)

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