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Dress in Blue Day - 4 March 2022

Polymer Factory Sweden AB highlight Colorectal Cancer Awareness Month in March. Colorectal Cancer (CRC) is a growing global public health challenge, with statistics [1] such as:

  • 3rd most common cancer

  • 2nd most deadly cancer

  • Projected to reach 3.2 million new cases globally in 2040

CRC has many largely modifiable risk factors including low physical activity, overweight and obesity, poor diet, excessive alcohol intake and smoking, and the primary prevention strategy is to a large extent based on making healthy lifestyle choices. [2]

Help raise awareness about this disease and how to take preventative action during Colorectal Cancer Awareness month. Join us in dressing in blue on 4th March.


In the month of colorectal cancer awareness, Polymer Factory want to highlight our BowtieD® dendrimers - a platform of exceptional candidates for drug delivery scaffolds for cancer therapy. They are designed to incorporate multiple functional handles for efficient bioconjugation, for example in Antibody-Drug Conjugates (ADCs). As with Polymer Factory's entire dendrimer plaform, BowtieD® dendrimers are biocompatible, physiologically benign and are produced with defect-free structure for unrivaled batch-to-batch consistency.

A study has shown that the use of dendrimers similar to the Company’s BowtieD® dendrimer increased the blood circulation time of the attached anti-cancer drug, decreased toxicity of the anti-cancer drug toward healthy cells and resulted in similar antitumour effect to equivalent dosing of liposomic Doxil formulation in mice bearing C-26 colon carcinomas.

This study has shown promise in the unique ability of dendrimers to beneficially modulate pharmacokinetics of anti-cancer drugs. We hope to contribute to the fight against cancer by providing BowtieD® and other dendritic materials to key innovators seeking new pathways to make cancer therapy more effective while reducing the significant side effects of treatment.

We can guide on how to find the best BowtieD® polymer for your application.

Sources: [1], [2]

Find more information about CRC here.

Find the study here.


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