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Announcing the Launch of our E-Commerce Platform!

Polymer Factory is excited to announce the launch of our new E-commerce platform - ! Our goal with this newly designed platform is to create an accessible and user friendly purchasing experience for all our customers, especially for those who have been keen to pay by a credit card.

Our current and prospective clients will be able to find useful information on all our products on the new website. Customers will also be able to find new products, technical information and relevant publications as they browse through our site. This will provide our customers an easier way to learn about our materials. We will be constantly updating our content with more helpful information as the year goes by.

Polymer Factory's products is divided into mainly two product lines - Dendritic Materials and Mass Spectrometry Calibrants. Each product line will have its own individual page for users to browse through and gain relevant information, helping them to make a decision on purchasing a product. Moreover, for customers who would like to search products by functionality, they may now filter through all our products by a functionality (amine, carboxyl, azide, etc) that is of interest to them. This would be useful to users who are able to clearly identify a certain functionality which will help them in their work. Click here to browse through our products by functionality -

Lastly, for customized projects, Polymer Factory has a wide range of expertise in manufacturing products according to our customer's needs. Click here if you have something in mind for us!

For any other queries, please do not hesitate to email us at . If you would like more information or would like us to add more content to our new platform, do email us as well!

Thank you!

Polymer Factory


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