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Market highlight: Exciting developments within COVID-19 diagnostics with MALDI-MS

Due to the persistence of the COVID-19 pandemic, research and development around vaccines, drugs and diagnostics are still a major topic around the world.

One of those development projects is performed by an alliance of UC Davis Health and SpectraPass LLC in the US. The developed MALDI-TOF-MS-based diagnostic tool enables high-throughput screening for COVID-19 and has entered the next stage of development.

In April 2021 the team published a paper on COVID-19 diagnosis, combining the advantages of Matrix-assisted laser desorption/ionization-time of flight (MALDI-TOF)—mass spectrometry (MS) with machine learning (ML). They reported rapid COVID-19 tests with results within 20 minutes, without sacrificing test accuracy or sensitivity. This ground-breaking outcome offers immense potential for rapid screening of many individuals, which would be an important step in societies re-opening.

The study started in December 2021 and aims to verify those results with a larger number of tests.

Read the entire paper HERE

Read the snapshot of the innovation HERE

Find out more about SpectraPass HERE


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