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Polymer Factory’s SpheriCal® for IM-MS featured in scientific article

In a scientific article published in May 2024, Polymer Factory’s product manager Jens Sommertune has gathered a group of international mass spectrometry and ion mobility scientists to perform a proof-of-concept and suitability study on the use of compounds from Polymer Factory’s SpheriCal® platform to tune and calibrate Ion Mobility Mass Spectrometry (IM-MS) devices.

IM-MS is an emerging analysis technique that allows for characterization and separation of molecules not only by their mass but also another dimension – the so-called collision cross section (CCS). This is of importance in, for example, biomedical research to assess the conformation of a peptide or protein.

This new research shows that the components from Polymer Factory’s SpheriCal® platform provides the user with a wider range of information than currently available calibration standards; our standard can calibrate and tune against both mass and CCS, and the calibration points provided with SpheriCal® span over a much larger “grid” than existing calibrants.

Polymer Factory plan to make SpheriCal® IM-MS commercially available soon.

Find the link to the publication here.

Find the full press release here:

Press Release 14 May
Download PDF • 126KB


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