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Polymer Factory Sweden AB extends quality agreement with Merck KGaA

Polymer Factory has extended its Quality Agreement with re-seller Merck KGaA, to include more of Polymer Factory’s SpheriCal® products. This is an addition to the existing agreement between the parties.

In order for Merck to re-sell Polymer Factory SpheriCal® products, a Quality Agreement exists between the parties covering the distributed products. The extension of the agreement means that Merck can now repurchase more of Polymer Factory SpheriCal® products. Several of the products are currently available for purchase at Merck.

The relationship with re-sellers and distributors means that Polymer Factory’s products gets increased visibility. Merck KGaA is one of the world’s largest chemical and pharmaceutical companies.

CTO Michael Malkoch comments:

“The extension of this quality agreement will allow Merck to continue providing state-of-the-art SpheriCal® calibrants for its customers, ranging from universities and research institutes to research intensive biotech and big-pharma corporates. Their international presence and sales outreach offer a great platform for showcasing of Polymer Factory’s products.”

Find the full press release here:

Press release - Merck Quality Agreement
Download PDF • 129KB


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