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Polymer Factory Sweden AB launches a new product platform: BowtieD®

Polymer Factory Sweden AB today announces the launch of the new dendritic platform BowtieD®. Through the launch of these next generation dendritic products, the Company already reaches an operational objective set out for 2022.

BowtieD® is a platform consisting of bifunctional dendritic materials, meaning they can carry more than one functional group at its surface, through a bowtie structure. The materials are highly sophisticated and are built on strong scientific evidence. By launching BowtieD®, Polymer Factory becomes the first-in-world commercial provider of bifunctional dendrimers.

The BowtieD® platform will primarily target the big pharma, biotech, diagnostic and medtech markets. In 2021, prior to the official launch of the platform, the Company has already completed a customized bifunctional dendrimer for a global biotech company.

CTO Michael Malkoch comments:

“BowtieD® dendrimers are the pinnacle of polymer-based carriers for therapeutic, diagnostic applications and much more. The foundation of this class of dendrimers is resonated by their extraordinary features such as flawless structures, biodegradability, and multitude of two active sites that are bundled in a bow-tied configuration. Never before has such dendritic technology been commercially available and with this launch, I truly believe that Polymer Factory will move its position, globally, by providing customers with next generation carriers to address challenges in high-demanding life-science technologies.”

Hear more from CTO Michael Malkoch in this video.

On December 22, 2021, three product families are launched under the trademark BowtieD®. Pricing start at €2,701 per gram, and the products are sold in 50, 100 and 250mg quantities.

Find the full press release here:

Press release 22 December - BowtieD launch
Download PDF • 128KB


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