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Polymer Factory Sweden AB launches a new product platform: Dendritic Nanogels

Polymer Factory Sweden AB announces the launch of the new dendritic platform Dendritic Nanogels (DNG). Through the launch of this platform, the Company fulfills an operational objective set out for 2022.

On December 1st, Polymer Factory launched the company’s latest dendritic platform, DNG. This is a nanocarrier platform with the potential use as delivery vehicles of pharmaceuticals, peptides, antibiotics etc. It is a novel platform of crosslinked nanoparticles, with features such as water solubility, biocompatibility, and degradability. The DNGs can be programmed to embed functionality and thereby allow them to act as nanoscopic delivery system of therapeutics, fragrances, peptides, and other organic molecules. The DNG technology is envisioned to be desired by different industries, particularly for therapeutic, biomedical and industrial use.

Polymer Factory has pending patents protecting the novel DNG technology.

CTO Michael Malkoch comments:

“We are excited to launch the first generation of DNGs as a new product line of nanocarriers. Our DNGs are unique in the sense of being available as stable and ready-to-formulate products suited to encapsulate and deliver drugs, peptides, biologics and much more. This will allow our customers to straightforwardly screen the performance of their desired active compounds without a large investment in formulation optimization. With this in mind, it’s my belief that the DNG platform can be a contender to the limited number of available delivery platforms such as Lipidic Nanoparticles (LNPs) and Liposomes."

The available DNG products can be accessed through this link.

Find the full press release here:

Press release 6 December
Download PDF • 127KB


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