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Polymer Factory Sweden AB (publ) year-end report, Q4 2021

The period in summary

Fourth quarter, October-December 2021

  • The Company launched a new product series, BowtieD(R) - the most sophisticated dendrimers on the market.

  • Net sales for the period amounted to KSEK 759 (357), an increase with 113% compared to the same period 2020.

  • The operating loss for the period amounted to KSEK -846 (-180).

Full year, January-December 2021

  • Net sales amounted to KSEK 2,561 (1,384), an increase with 85% compared to the same period 2020.

  • The operating loss for the period amounted to KSEK -3,193 (-577) of which KSEK 691 can be derived from IPO related costs.

  • A new share issue was closed in March, raising a total of approx. KSEK 13,000 (before issue costs of approx. KSEK 1,280).

  • The company was listed on Spotlight Stock Market with first day of trading 7th April 2021.

Key Figures

(KSEK) Oct-Dec Oct-Dec Jan-Dec Jan-Dec 2021 2020 2021 2020

Net sales 759 357 2,561 1,384

Operating profit (loss) for the period -846 -180 -3,193 -577

Total assets - - 11,411 3,502

Equity / assets ratio (%) - - 92 75

Cash flow for the period -337 -10 6,110 191

Basic earnings per share (SEK) -0.12 0.11* -0.49 -0.29*

*Share volume 2020 is adjusted for a split 1:1000

Comments from CEO Elin Mignérus

We are closing Q4 and the full year 2021 on a positive note, with increased revenues and interesting business projects. Already fulfilling one of 2022's milestones, we launched our new segment BowtieD® dendrimers - a line of extremely sophisticated materials - in December 2021, setting up for great opportunities in the new year.

Closing this quarter and 2021, we look back at an eventful year at Polymer Factory Sweden AB. Q1 was focused on preparing for our IPO while keeping up daily operations, which culminated in the listing on Spotlight Stock Market on 7 April 2021 after a very successful IPO. The journey since has been a pleasure to share with the team, the Board of Directors, customers, and of course all our owners, and we are now concluding our first year-end as a publicly traded company.

We ended Q4 with already fulfilling one of 2022’s goals by launching our new platform BowtieD®, which is something we are proud of, as we are now the only company in the world who hold these materials commercially available. This is an extension of our previous dendrimer platform, and these bifunctional dendrimers are truly amongst the most sophisticated dendritic

materials. Ending Q4 on this positive note, we bring the momentum with us into the new year, and we will continue to expand our new BowtieD® platform to create new business opportunities for Polymer Factory.

Revenue amounted to KSEK 759 (357) for Q4 and KSEK 2,561 (1,384) for the full year, which is a clear improvement to the same periods 2020. This indicates that the Company is strengthening its position compared to pre-pandemic years. Operating result for Q4 2021 amounted to KSEK -846 (-180), accumulating to a total of KSEK -3,193 (-577) for the full year.

The transition from private to public company has brought on additional costs that together with planned investments in recruitment, instrument, lab space and more, lay the foundation to this expected result. The full year 2021 has been all about building for the future and long-term growth – from raising capital to making the investments necessary to accelerate growth and work towards long-term success!

In this last quarter of the year, we have continued to build strong relationships with global customers; in Q4, we delivered a customized order to a global biotechnology company for evaluation, and we saw new business coming in from another of the world’s largest life science companies. These relationships are of great strategic importance for Polymer Factory, and we look forward to continuing the work with these companies and others of their size and success.

After having welcomed a Product Manager in Q3, we are continuing to settle our growing team and building for the future, and we just recently welcomed yet a new Product Manager in Q1 2022, responsible for dendritic nanogels. During 2021, Polymer Factory has gone through many positive changes which we will continue to build on in the new year – we are more than ready to take on this year's goals. We are very excited for 2022 and we welcome all our investors, customers, suppliers, and stakeholders to be a part of our journey to success!

Find the Interim report HERE

About Polymer Factory

Polymer Factory was founded in 2006 at KTH Royal Institute of Technology and its Board of Directors have been essential in driving dendritic nanotechnology research to commercialization for almost 15 years – expertise that has been transferred to the Company’s products. Emerging from many years of cutting-edge research within the field, Polymer Factory today has, in the Company’s assessment, the world’s largest product portfolio of dendritic materials with customers ranging from Big Pharma, MedTech and BioTech companies, to research-intensive institutes and academic research groups. Polymer Factory has also used the Company’s vast knowledge and expertise to develop a patented calibration technology, named SpheriCal®, designed for Mass Spectrometry instruments.

For more information, please contact: Elin Mignérus, CEO

Phone: +46 (0) 79 300 27 76

This disclosure contains information that Polymer Factory is obliged to make public pursuant to the EU Market Abuse Regulation (EU nr 596/2014). The information was submitted for publication, through the agency of the contact person, on 25 February 2022.

Find the full press release here:

Press release 25th February - year-end report Q4
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