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Registration of warrants of Series 2021/2026, incentive program

On 20 December 2021, the Extra General Meeting decided on the establishment of an incentive program for key personnel. The meeting resolved to issue a maximum of 75,000 warrants of Series 2021/2026.

A total of 65,000 warrants of series 2021/2026 were offered to key personnel, of which 100 percent were subscribed for. The warrants were registered with Bolagsverket on April 14, 2022.

Warrants were offered as follows:

Name Maximum number of options

CEO 25 000

Michael Malkoch Board member and acting CTO 10 000

Other key employees (3 persons) 10 000

The option right may be exercised during the period 15 January 2026 to 31 January 2026. The subscription price amounts to SEK 20.94. The full terms of the warrants can be found on the Company’s website.

CEO Elin Mignérus comments

“We are very happy to announce that all key personnel wanted to participate fully in the warrants program. All of our employees are committed to making Polymer Factory a success, and we will continue to work hard to reach our goals. The aim of the incentive program was to engage the employees to be even more involved in the company’s journey, and to also share the success they are working hard to achieve.”

Find the full press release here:

Press release 14 Apr
Download PDF • 133KB


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