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Research highlight: Dendrimers are used as part in hydrogel with excellent antibacterial properties

Researchers from KTH Royal Institute of Technology, Division of Coating Technology at the Department of Fibre and Polymer Technology*, and Wallenberg Wood Science center at KTH have published an article in Pharmaceutics displaying extraordinary antibacterial properties of Hydrogels containing cationic bis-MPA dendrimers and cellulose nanofibrils (CNFs), the latter being bio-based, renewable and non-cytotoxic nanoparticles extracted from wood fibers.

The cationic dendrimers were utilized as binders of the CNFs to generate hybrid hydrogels that then acted as a reservoir for the controlled release of antibiotic-free antibacterial dendrimer agents. Through this simple process, hydrogels with low cytotoxicity are achieved while maintaining their excellent antibacterial properties, making the hydrogels suitable for biomedical applications.

The dendrimers used in this work are of the kind Polymer Factory specializes in and shows yet another exciting area of application for these advanced and diverse materials. Furthermore, the group used Polymer Factory’s SpheriCal® calibrants for analysis with MALDI-MS throughout the work.

Polymer Factory are proud to be part of the cutting-edge research within dendritic materials and ongoing advances in antibacterial materials.

Find the article HERE

*Note: The research that was conducted belonged to Prof. Michael Malkoch at KTH, the Malkoch Group, and was not influenced by Polymer Factory. Prof. Malkoch is the CTO of Polymer Factory.


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