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Research highlight: Polymer Factory’s SpheriCal® used in KTH study

The Division of Coating Technology at the Department of Fibre* and Polymer Technology at KTH Royal Institute of Technology recently published an article in Molecules where they developed antibiotic-free antibacterial using hydrogels based on novel heterofunctional bis-MPA dendrimers. These new class of dendrimers facilitated the development of functional dendritic hydrogels via thiol-ene UV curing and can be used as a platform for additional property tuning. The group primarily focused on the introduction of cationic charges to the dendrimers that delivered hydrogels with an antibacterial effect. They concluded that these hydrogels are an interesting addition to the family of highly advanced antibacterial materials.

For analysis, the group carried out MALDI-MS which was calibrated using Polymer Factory’s SpheriCal® calibrants.

Polymer Factory are proud to be part of the cutting-edge research within dendritic materials and ongoing advances in antibacterial materials.

Find the full article HERE

*The research that was conducted belonged to Prof. Michael Malkoch at KTH, the Malkoch Group, and was not influenced by Polymer Factory. Prof. Malkoch is the CTO of Polymer Factory.


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