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Product Description:

Polymer Factory's bis-MPA NHBoc-azide dendrons are monodisperse, multifunctional scaffolds with 1 protected amine focal point and an exact number of azide surface groups. After deprotection, the amine focal point can be used for EDC coupling to carboxyl substrates or coupling to NHS-esters, forming stable amide bonds under mild conditions suitable to biological substrates.


The azide surface groups can be used for click chemistry coupling with alkyne-functional substrates via CuAAC or SPAAC, with click reactions typically proceeding rapidly at room temperature and  compatible with many biological substrates. Organic azides are also commonly used in conjugation strategies involving Staudinger ligation. The bis-MPA polyester scaffolds are biodegrable and have low cytotoxicity, making them ideal candidates for use in biological research applications.


Common applications include as multi-functional linkers for bioconjugation and signal enhancement in fluorescent labelling.


Reacts with:

  • Carboxyl/COOH via amidation (e.g. EDC, NHS)
  • Alkynes via CuAAC/SPAAC click chemistry


Related Publications


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bis-MPA Azide Dendron, NHBoc Core, Generation 2

SKU: PFDO-021308
PriceFrom €365.00
    • Type: Dendron
    • Focal Point: NHBoc (Boc-protected amine)
    • Product Code : PFd-G2-NHBoc-Azide
    • End Group Functionality: Azide
    • Generation: 2
    • Number of Surface Groups: 4
    • Theoretical MW: 1270 g/mol
    • Form: Viscous liquid
    • Purity: >95%
    • Delivery Time: 5 - 8 Working Days
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