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Product Description:

Helux is a hyper-branched polyamido-amine, considered analogous to PAMAM dendrimers. It has primary amine end-groups as well as carboxylic acids, allowing a variety of reactions for facile modification or network formation.  Click here to view our leaflet

Helux (Viscous Solid)

SKU: PFH-030302
  • Product Info

    • Type: Hyperbranched Polyamido-amine
    • End Groups : Primary Amines and Carboxylic Acids
    • Theoretical MW : 5108 g/mol
    • Building Block : Hexamethylenediamine (HMDA)
    • Branching Units : Maleates
    • Appearance : Colourless Viscous Solid
    • Delivery Time: 5 - 8 Working Days
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