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Product Description:

SpheriCal® is a dendrimer-based MALDI-TOF MS calibration standard providing 4 monodisperse mass signals per kit for efficient, highly accurate calibration. By combining excellent long-term stability with evenly-spaced calibration points, SpheriCal® helps users increase the frequency and quality of their calibrations.  With a shelf life of years and each kit offering at least 100 calibrations, SpheriCal® offers a reliable and accurate calibration across a large mass range, without the shelf-life and storage issues associated with protein or peptide-based systems.


The SpheriCal® Low Range Kit covers a calibration range of 250 – 7,500 m/z and contains, 


- 1 x vial of SpheriCal® Peptide Low, 6 points

- 1 x vial of SpheriCal® Peptide Medium,  6 points

- 1 x vial of SpheriCal® Peptide High, 6 points


The standards are available as SpheriCal® Neat or SpheriCal® Mix. 


SpheriCal® Mix is formulated with calibration standards, matrix and counter ion source pre-mixed in optimized ratios, so you just need to add solvent, dramatically accelerating sample preparation for calibration in minutes. SpheriCal® Mix HCCA is pre-formulated with matrix and counter-ion for a robust calibration solution.


Related Publications


  1. Advantages of Monodisperse and Chemically Robust “SpheriCal” Polyester Dendrimers as a “Universal” MS CalibrantJ. Am. Soc. Mass Spectrom., 2014, 25, 303-309

SpheriCal® Mix HCCA Low Range Kit (250 - 7,500 Da)

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