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The Potential of Dendritic Nanogels (DNGs) as An Enhanced Polymeric Drug Delivery System

Tested on various hydrophobic and hydrophilic chemotherapeutic drugs


A robust drug delivery system(DDSs) is crucial to maximising the therapeutic outcome of drugs. It can be classified according to their inherent building blocks such as inorganic nanoparticles, self-assembled low molecular weight lipids, and self-assembled polymeric DDSs.

In recent years, a polymeric DDS in the form of Dendritic Nanogel(DNG) was successfully constructed from amphiphilic linear dendritic hybrids between hydrophilic PEG and hydrophobic Bis-MPA(hydrophobic with multitude of allylic end-groups), cross-linked with monometric thiols via UV initiated Off-stoichiometric Thiol-ene (OSTE) Chemistry. It can be further functionalised to display both anionic, cationic and hydrophobic interior while maintaining size and hydrophilic PEG exterior, which enables it to be tailored-made to cater to different chemotherapeutic drugs with minimised side effects on non-cancerous cell lines.

To assess DNG as a potential DDS, its drug loading capacity and biocompatibility were evaluated. DNGs with various core functionalities were tested and demonstrated successful encapsulation of three different hydrophobic and hydrophilic chemotherapeutic drugs (Doxorubicin, Gemcitabine & Gemcitabine) through a straightforward manipulation of the interior functionality of the DNG. Doxorubicins loaded on DNGs were also found to possess similar therapeutic efficacy as free Doxorubicin in various cancers such as breast cancers, pancreatic cancers and bone cancer cell lines. In order for DDSs to be used in clinical settings, it has to be nontoxic as a pure carrier. Even after screening against the above cancers and noncancerous cell lines at a high dose of 500 μg mL−1, no obvious cytotoxicity was observed. This indicates good biocompatibility of the DNGs as a potential DDS.

Further research on OSTE between reactive enes in the dendritic hydrophobic core could potentially lead to large scale production of nanogel precursors for tunable core nano-environment with emphasis on encapsulation and delivery of various potent drugs through an effective DDS.

For in-depth information please refer to the research paper below:

>>> Off‐Stoichiometric Thiol‐Ene Chemistry to Dendritic Nanogel Therapeutics

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