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  • Dendrimers, Dendrons, Dendritic Materials

Dendritic Materials, Mass Spectrometry Calibrants and Contract Research

Together we will develop and build the solutions of the future. Your needs are our challenges. Our strategy is to build values and revenues through development, manufacturing and the sale of unique patented dendritic macromolecules.

Polymer Factory is currently the provider of the world’s largest library of advanced dendritic materials. The product portfolio include monodisperse dendritic polymers built from 2,2-bis(methylol)propionic acid, such as the biocompatible bis-MPA dendrimers and dendrons. We are a global provider of both polyester (Boltorn) and polyester amide (Hybrane) hyperbranched polymers for research purposes.

Polymer Factory is today proud to include our most recent family of mass spectrometry calibrants, SpheriCal®, that have unprecedented benefits in comparison to existing standards on the market.

Polymer Factory also conducts contract research with focus on materials science and biomedical applications.

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