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Structurally Perfect High-generation Dendrimers

A publication by the Department of Chemistry and Chemical Biology, McMaster University, Canada highlighted the difficulties in synthesizing high-generation dendrimer and provided an alternative convergent synthesis approach.


The publication highlighted the synthetic diversity, including SPAAC click chemistry, to efficiently prepare structurally perfect high-generation bis-MPA dendrimers with varying cores and peripheral functionalities. Not only that, it also signaled the potential application of dendrimers in diagnostic imaging and therapeutic applications.

For more than a decade, Polymer Factory has been producing dendrimers primarily based on the bis-MPA technology to produce mono-dispersed and multi-functional dendritic materials which are are assessed using NMR, MALDI-TOF to ensure structural perfection and overall high purity of >95%.

One of the products we have is the multi-functional bis-MPA Dendronised mPEGs and PEGs which is great for biomedical application and as well as scaffolds for hydrogels.

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