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Precision nanomaterials that enhance your

Polymer Factory provides over 200 dendritic molecules in a variety of structures and functional groups as well as a line of MALDI-ToF calibrants under the brand SpheriCal®


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Dendritic Materials
Dendron scheme - Copy.png

Dendritic materials' unique nature, shape and size make them ideal as multi-functional nanometer-sized building blocks.

SpheriCal® -
Mass Spectrometry Calibrants

SpheriCal® offer users fast sample preparation and accurate calibration between 250 and 30,000 Da.

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Custom Synthesis

Can't find a specific product? We will customize a material according to your needs. Reach out to us and we will quote you accordingly!

Please note : For purchases requiring a formal quotation or via a purchase order, click here to request for an official quote
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