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Dendrimers & Dendrons Introduction

Polymer Factory’s dendrimers, dendrons and BowtieD® bifunctional dendrimers are a series of monodisperse, defect-free macromolecules produced by a series of well controlled chemical reactions. Using our expertise in dendrimer synthesis, we are able to design and produce these materials to have exact numbers of reactive handles, for simple modification using efficient and straightforward chemical reactions. Read on to find out the unique properties of these materials.

Dendrimers - precision nanomaterials

Our dendrimers are grown outward in a layer-by-layer fashion, with each layer termed a “generation.” As the structure increases in size with the addition of each generation, molecular weight and number of functional end groups increase exponentially.

Since we have a high level of control over the synthesis, each generation contains exact numbers of end groups, with a wide range available as stock products, for example:

The large and exact numbers of functional end groups allows attachment of many active moieties with a high degree of control. The dendrimers act as ideal scaffolds for amplification of interactions with biomolecules and amplification of signal in diagnostic applications, and are shown to act as drug delivery vectors for hydrophobic drugs.

Dendrons - multifunctional bioconjugation linkers

Unlike the symmetric, globular structures of dendrimers, dendrons contain a single chemical reactive group at the core and an exact number of orthogonal reactive groups at the periphery. Their bifunctional nature makes them ideal as multifunctional bioconjugation linkers to biomolecules. Each generation of dendron will have one group at the focal point and an increasing number of reactive groups at the surface:

Our dendrons are ideal scaffolds for use as multifunctional linkers in antibody conjugation, ADCs, diagnostics and more. The dendrons are available with functional groups for efficient bioconjugation, including Click Chemistry, NHS-amidation, Thiol-maleimide and biotinylation.

BowtieD® Bifunctional Dendrimers

Polymer Factory’s latest product offering is bifunctional dendrimers. These molecules essentially combine two functional dendrons in the same structure, presenting multiple copies of two different functional groups at the periphery, with exact numbers of each. For example:

BowtieD® dendrimers are our most sophisticated product line and are inherently customizable by varying the generation or end groups of either dendron. They are perfect candidates for many-to-many conjugation and are designed to allow orthogonal modification.

Functional groups

We aim to offer a wide range of structures that are easy to use and allow customers to efficiently modify with biological moieties, bioactive groups, APIs, fluorescent tags and more. As such, our stock products are equipped with functional groups for Click Chemistry, maleimide conjugation, Staudinger ligation, amidation and other common bioconjugation strategies. In addition, dendrons are supplied with biotin and fluorescent tags for diagnostic applications, or PEG chains for enhancement of solubility. You can see our full range of compatible functional groups below.

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